Temperature Control

Temperature Control, Cooler, 16 to 50 Degrees F, NRE # 031822

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Temperature Control With Knob/Dial

Temperature Control, Cooler, Temperature Range: 16 to 50 Degrees Fahrenheit
Has 32" Straight Capillary, 120/240 volt, 20 amp

Beverage Air # 502-302B, 502-308B, (Replaces 502-269A, 502-236A)

Ranco # A30-3924-000, RC-13295-2

Victory # 502-302B, 50616201


NRE # 031822

For Beverage Air Models: ST4812, WTR27, WTR27A,
WTR27S, WTR48, WTR48S, WTR48A, WTR60, WTR72,
WTR72A, UCR27, UCR27A, UCR48, UCR48A, UCR60,
UCR60A, UCR72A, UCF27, SPE2712M, SPE4812C,
SPE6016C, SPED60162, WTR48A23, WTR60, MT27,
SP27, SP27-12M, SP48, SP48-8, SP48-10, SP48-10C,
SP48-12C, SP48-12M, SP48-18M, SP48-8C, SP60, SP60-10,
SP60-12, SP60-12C, SP60-12M, SP60-16, SP60-16C, SP60-18M,
SP60-24M, SP72, SP72-8, SP72-10, SP72-10C, SP72-12,
SP60-24M, SP72, SP72-8, SP72-10, SP72-10C, SP72-12,
SP72-12C, SP72-12M, SP72-18, SP72-18C, SP72-18M,
SP72-24M, SP72-30, SUR series

Coldtech Sandwich and Pizza Tables : JUC-27R, JUC-62, M1P-2712, M2P-4818, M3P-7127, S1BRR-06S, S2BRR-12S, S3BRR-18S and others