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Brown is no longer in business,

With no records to look at, if you text a picture of the part you need to 252 245 6351 (text only) we can id the part for you and match it to a replacement

W.A.Brown Walk In Gaskets and Parts

W.A. Brown Walk In Company Custom Made Doors to the Needed Size, there was no standard
The Gaskets Below Are The Ones We Have Made For W.A. Brown Units,
If You Don't See Your Gasket, Please Pick The Style Of Gasket You
Have From The Ones Pictured Below.

When measuring gaskets -- measure from outside edge to outside edge, If you do not see your gasket size , please call us, other gasket sizes are available

How to measure Door Gasket

Offset Example

 If you don't see the part you need , please text a picture of the part to 252-245-6351 and we will get back to you , or call 252 451 1951


W.A. Brown Was Bought Out And Merged With Another Company
W.A. Brown Parts Listed On This Page Are Replacement Parts.

Most all walk ins  built by Brown were "UDS-4"