Dean Deep Fryer Parts, Gas Valve, Knob, Thermostat, Conversion Kits and more!

Dean Fryer Parts, Thermostats, Gas Safety Valve and more!

If you are having problems deciding what part you need, text a picture of the part you need or any questions to 252 245 6351 (text pictures only)

Dean Serivce / Spec

PLEASE NOTE: Dean used 2 diffrent style orifices for the SR42 series, you can tell which you have by the date code or looking at the burner orifice, the picture below shows the orifice that is round or the hex style orifice (Flat Side)

Hex Shape          Round

Dean started using Robertshaw gas valves after may 2007

Honeywell on the left   Robertshaw on the right

We Have kits for any combinations  ---  Listed below

The Honeywell valves are not available and is being replaced with the Robertshaw

Dean Serial numbers, the first 4 digits are the year/month

Fryer Conversion Instructions