Condenser Motor

Motor , Condenser Fan Motor, 120 volts, NRE# 031814

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Single Phase, 120 Volt, 9 Watts, Condenser Fan Motor

60 Cycle, 1550 RPM, 1/4-20 x 1/2" Threaded Shaft
(4EA) Mounting Feet, (2EA) Top And Bottom,
(#8-32) .63 x 1.12 Mounting Centers
Also Has (3EA) #8-32 Rear Mounting Holes
With 2.40 Mounting Centers (4 Screws Included)
Comes With 23-1/2" Wire Leads, CW (from rear of motor)

Beverage Air # 501-148B (Replaces # 501-118B, 501-118A, VT50193101, VT501018B

Glass Pro # 09000336, GT-035109, GT035109

Glastender # 09000336, GT-035109, GT035109

Merril Motors # SP-B9HS16

NRE # 031814

BEVERAGE AIR BB48, BB58, BB68, BB72, BB78, BB94, CFG-12,
CFG12, CFG24, CFG36, CRG36, CRG48, DD50, DD58, DD68, DD78,
DD94, DP41, DP46, DP67, DW49, EF24, EF24-1AHS, EF241AH
0001RCN, EF48, EF74, ER48, ER74, KF12, KF24, KF36, KR36,
KR48, KR74, M10, MM14, MM27, MT12, MT14, MT18, MT20, MT21,
MT22, MT23, MT27, MT33, MT35, MT38, MT45, MT49, PF24, PF48,
PF74, PR48, PR74, PRD48, PRD74, PRF24-24, PRF48-24, PRI2,
PRT2, SM34, SM49, SM58, SMF34, SMF49, SMF58, ST49, ST58,
UCF48, UCF67, UCR46, UCR67, WTF48, WTF67, WTR46, WTR67


(1) Some Units Use A 16 Watt Motor, Check
Rear Of Motor For Watts Needed

(2) This Is A Top And Bottom Mounted Motor
If Your Unit Only Mounts On One Side,
You Can Use NRE # 031924 (Lesser Cost)