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Latch / Handle, Flush Mounted, No Key Lock W19 NRE # 090200

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W-19 Series Chrome, Flush Mount
Walk In Door Latch With Strike, Without Key Lock

Component Hardware Group / Kiel W-19 Series Latch ,Chrome, Flush Mounted, No Key Lock , Dimensions: 11" Length x 3" Width , 3-3/16" Mount Screw Centers, (Lengthwise) , 2-1/16" Mount Screw Centers, (Widthwise) , Number On Latch: W-19 Series

Interchangeable With Kason 58, 59, 77 Series
Component Hardware Group / Kiel # W19-1000

NRE # 090200

(1) - HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION , Provides The Impact Resistance
Required In Heavy Traffic Areas

(2) - The Latch Body Is Constructed From Reinforced Die Cast Zamak And Finished With A Solid Handle. , All Inner Working Parts And The Back Plate , Are Made From Solid Stainless Steel (Unlike Competitors Models That Can Rust And Leave Unsightly Stains On The Doors)

(3) - TAMPER PROOF DESIGN , Eliminates Pilferage Of Costly Food Stocks , Bolt Cannot Be Retracted From The Outside When The Cylinder Is Locked Or Padlocked
Yet, With Safety Inside Release Mechanism Occupants Can Safely Exit Even If Latch
Is Locked Or Padlocked.

Provided By Utilizing Roller Bolt Retraction Combined With Roller Strike Action.
Eliminate Wear And Allows Doors To Close Smoothly And Easily Without Slamming While Offering Superb Gasket Compression

User Friendly, Requires Minimal Hand Pressure To Completely Retract Bolt From Strike.
Low, 1-1/2" (38mm) Handle Rise

(6) - EASILY ADJUSTED STRIKE ASSEMBLY Offers Variable Offset Adjustment, permitting
Onsite Adjustment For Door Gasket Wear.