2 door worktop freezer

Worktop / Undercounter Freezer, 2 Door - 10.1 cu. ft. - Arctic Air - AUC48F - NRE # 006022

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Freezer, 2 Door Undercounter / Worktop , 10.1 cf

NRE # 006022

Arctic Air AUC48F

All units come standard with heavy-duty worktop surface.
Exterior cabinet construction
consists of full stainless steel front and sides.
One adjustable, heavy-duty
epoxy coated wire shelves.
Interior cabinet walls are
constructed of white epoxy coated steel liner with full hi-level stainless steel coved corner floor.
Efficient condensate hot gas
loop built into condensate pan for energy saving evaporation of excess condensate water.
Electronic thermostat with
external digital LED display for accurate control and easy reading.
Easy to mount casters (two
lockable) are standard with all unit


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