Fan Blade

Fan Blade, 6" Diameter Fan Blade , 6 blade, NRE # 031833

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6" Evaporator Fan Blade
6 Bladed Fan, Clockwise Rotation (1 left in stock and then it goes to 4 Blade ( 405-063A)

Beverage Air # 405-048A (405-063A)

NRE #  031833

Beverage Air # 405-063A
Franke # 252271
Kelvinator # 240333

BEVERAGE AIR BZ13, BZ16, MT21, MT23, MT27, MT33,
MT35, MT38, MT45, MT49, MT66, MT72, SP27, SP48, SPD27,
UCF27, UCF27A, UCF48, UCF67, UCR20, UCR27, UCR27A, UCR34,
UCR48, UCR48A, UCRD, UR20, UR30, WTF27, WTF27A, WTF48,
WTF67, WTR27, WTR27A, WTR48A, WTRD27