Temperature Control

Temperature Control, Cooler Thermostat, NRE # 031958

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Cooler Temperature Control Thermostat,

Cooler Temperature Control For one, Two And Three Door Glass and Solid Door Units

Temperature Range: 11.4 to 50.6 Degrees F
Has 30" Capillary ,Shaft, Stem, And Knob/Dial

Will replace:

Beverage Air # 502-290B

Pacific Controls # PFN 250C-01, PFN 260C-01, 

Fogel #: CT35-A, CT35-L


NRE # 031958

Will replace Avantco 17812402

For Beverage Air Models:

BEV AIR BB48, BB72, BM23, ER24, ER48, ER74, KR12, KR74,
MM14, MT15, MT17, MT18, MT66, MT72, PR24, PR48, PR74,
PRF12-12, PRF24-24, PRF48-24, PRI1, PRI2, PRT1, PRT2, SP27,
SP48, SP60, SP72, UC, UCR119, UCR41, UCR46, UCR67, UCR93,
WT, WTR119, WTR41, WTR46, WTR67, WTR93, WTRCS84-1

For Coldtech Models:# J1GR-05S, #J1GR-24L, #J2GR-32L, #J2GR-47L , JMP72, JVL21R, JUC-72R (And Others)