Conversion Kit

Conversion Kit, Dean Natural To LP Gas, SR42 Series, Hex orifice / Honeywell Valve, NRE # 033420H

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Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit , Honeywell Valve and Hex Shape Orifices

Our kit comes with the appliance regulator

For Dean Fryer Series:  SR42, SR142GM, SR242 GM, SR342GM, SM35GM (And Others)

Dean Serial numbers, the first 4 digits are the year/month

NRE # 033420H

*****KIT CONTAINS*****
(3EA) Orifices , Buners
(1EA) Pilot Orifice
(1EA Valve Conversion Kit
(1EA) Appliance regulator

Fryers built April 2007 and later with Honeywell Gas Valve

If your orifices are round and you have a Honeywell Valve you would need 033420G



Dean # 826-1817, 8261817


Frymaster # 826-1817, 8261817

This kit is for SR42 series fryer with Honeywell valve and Hex shape orifices (flat side)