Atosa Service Manuals, Spec Sheets and Parts Breakdown

Atosa Owner Manuals

ATCB-24, ATCB-36, ATCB-48 Owner Manual

MBF8503 Owner Manual

MBF8504 Owner Manual

MBF8507 Owner Manual

MBF8508 Owner Manual

MCF8703 Owner Manual

MCF8707 Owner Manual

Wiring and Service Manuals

MBF 8002, 8008, 8502,8503 Wiring Diagrams

Fryer Parts

Atosa Hot and Cold Spec Sheets

CSTEA 2, 3, 4, 5 Spec Sheet

CSTEB 3, 4, 5 Spec Sheet

MBF8501, MBF8503, MBF 8504 Spec Sheet



INNER DIAMETER (ID) Size(US) 0.049 LENGTH, Size(China) 1.2mm,
inches-decimal 90.55 , feet/inches-fraction 7' and 6-35/61"

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